If you read this article it means that you are already part of my mailing list,
And therefore we have been working together for at least a few months.

By the way, welcome on my new blog, do not forget to finish reading this article before embarking on the visit.
(Blog empty for the moment certainly, it’s a lot of work, I would come back to it later.)

First of all I would like to thank you for your confidence and for your loyalty.

Working for your different agencies is truly enriching, and I really have the opportunity to promote this incredible product, which is part of our life style to all I think: TRAVEL.
I am delighted to do this job and without you it would not be possible.


Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

If I write this article it is to explain why working together will change in 2017.
We are all very busy and I will try to be as concise as possible.

Increasingly concerned with the different local agencies I work with,
I try to respond more effectively to your web needs.
(Thank you Mathieu, Pauline, Jonathan and Alex for your inspiration and ideas.)

Many beautiful projects are in my head to improve my service in 2017, but I have unfortunately
only two hands, a keyboard and I must also work on your super projects.
So things are progressing at their own pace, but they are moving forward.



Web Marketing Tourism.com based in New Zealand no longer exists.

– It is replaced by WMT Studio INC. based in the beautiful city of Panama Ciudad.
(You were right Pierre, it’s a top city and I plan to set myself there in a while)

– A new website that I invite you to visit now studio-wmt.com, you all figure, and I thank you again.



WMT Studio is a new major objective:


More return on investment, more traffic, more conversion, more shared method and more sales.
Imagine how finding the most effective method can be easier,
With a global view of what everyone is trying.



1) Setting up an Outsourced Web Marketing Service: studio-wmt.com/marketing

True partnership, it can be set up at your request, and will be tailored to your market, products and customers.

I’m not going to give you a description here, too long.

But I can tell you the overall idea:
Do not wait until demands come alone, but do what come by what one is going to look for them.
I especially thank S├ębastien for trusting me and with whom I will test these new marketing methods in the coming months with Across Australia.
It still remains to be tested, but is very promising. We’ll talk about it soon.


2) Setting up a blog:
Or you will find all the different marketing actions that I talk about above that will be tested for Across. Sharing info 100% free.
And so you explain the different methods, the returns, what works, what does not work, and why its to market when there was a result.


3) Setting up a shop: studio-wmt.com/shop
Rather targeted for smaller budgets it allows to set up websites at less cost, while benefiting from the quality with which you are accustomed with my service.

No exclusivity on the other hand, but customizations are possible.
There are few products for now, think it’s a lot of work once again, but it will happen as soon as possible.



I thank you one last time to have read, it is a pleasure to work freelance for your agencies

Always available, as well know, this time at a new address:

-> antoine@studio-wmt.com

See you soon,


Ps: To start the visit it’s here